The Historic Savage Depot

The Savage Depot is the original train Depot built for the town of Hamilton (Now known as Savage) in 1880.  After falling into disuse, it was moved to Murphy's Landing, a historical park in Shakopee.  It spent several decades at the Murphy’s Landing before being moved back to Savage in 2006.  It now rests directly across Highway 13 from it’s original location.  


Inside, there are many photos and artifacts commemorating the history of the City of Savage and its most famous resident, the horse “Dan Patch” who set the world record for the fastest time as a “Pacer” (harness racing) of  1:55 in the mile achieved at the Minnesota State Fair in 1906 and an airplane propeller commemorating the forced landing of Charles Lindbergh in 1923 after which he slept three nights in our own Savage Depot!

Sitting in the dining room aka the “Freight Room, if you allow yourself to forget that Highway 13 separates the station from the tracks, you can watch the trains go by and imagine…

In the historic Savage Depot, 4800 West 123rd Street, Savage, Minnesota  55378

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